Change Your Situation

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “You have to be willing to change something if you want to change your financial situation.” -Jen Sincero     There are SOO many things in my life that I want to change in my life but I feel like it won’t happen until I get out of my comfortContinue reading “Change Your Situation”

New Freedoms

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “When we focus on money instead of working ourselves to death, and get mighty clear about how much we desire to make & what we can do differently in order to make it happen, we open the door to new freedoms.” -Jen Sincero     I’m glad I’m not oneContinue reading “New Freedoms”

Unwavering Faith

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “Surround yourself with people who have unwavering faith in themselves, in you, & in our abundant universe & it will help you take the giant leap you need to get yourself rich.”     -Jen Sincero     I’m pretty sure my very good friends not only have faith in themselvesContinue reading “Unwavering Faith”

Keep Going

Ph. Fashion Editorials    “Whatever it is you’re shedding, you must surrender the low to make space for the high if you’re going to grow.” -Jen Sincero     I’m working on shedding the things that no longer serve me. For instance, I’m shedding the negativity that sometimes gets to me from the random memoriesContinue reading “Keep Going”

Predict the Future

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “When you succumb to fear, you are under the illusion that can predict the future.” -Jen Sincero   Sometimes, I believe that I can predict the future because I work hard at what I do. I work smart to get the results that I need want. Of course this appliesContinue reading “Predict the Future”

Focus on Your Life

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “Focus on you and what makes you hop back & forth from foot to foot in excitement, because not living your life is no way to live.” -Jen Sincero The only time I get excited about something in my life is when I’m dancing or performing on stage for theContinue reading “Focus on Your Life”

Upgrade Your Life

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “When you decide to upgrade your income & standard of living, it’s important to put yourself in the new environment you’re intent on creating for yourself as best as you can.”       -Jen Sincero   I’m working on putting myself in the new environment that I want to beContinue reading “Upgrade Your Life”

Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “You don’t get anywhere sitting around inside your comfort zone.” -Jen Sincero I’ve been in my comfort zone for a while now & I totally understand this quote & as I know a way out of it. I know how to get out of my physical comfort zone. However, I’mContinue reading “Get out of Your Comfort Zone”

Don’t Wait for Money First

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “If you wait to have money first, it may never happen.” -Jen Sincero  I feel like I can relate this because I need to change my mindset from waiting to have money to do something that brings me towards my goals to working on building skills for myself so thatContinue reading “Don’t Wait for Money First”

Don’t Wait for Time

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “If you wait for time to open up, it will never happen.” -Jen Sincero  I don’t wait for time to open up for me.  I have time for the things that I need to do. However, I should be educating myself by reading, but I have a few other thingsContinue reading “Don’t Wait for Time”