Don’t Wait for Time

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “If you wait for time to open up, it will never happen.” -Jen Sincero  I don’t wait for time to open up for me.  I have time for the things that I need to do. However, I should be educating myself by reading, but I have a few other thingsContinue reading “Don’t Wait for Time”

How I Would Reach my Goals

Ph. Fashion Editorials   This is how I would reach my goals in each currency:  For time, I would educate myself by reading books that bring me closer to my dreams for goals & learn Farsi.  For energy, I take dance classes & practice at home.  For money, I would network with others to increaseContinue reading “How I Would Reach my Goals”

Don’t Cheat Yourself

Ph. Fashion Editorials  “Don’t sell yourself short by not spending your time, energy & money on creating the best version of yourself.” – Lilly Singh Everyday, I am using my energy to create the best version of me. By doing that, I take dance classes each week & do yoga everyday even when I don’tContinue reading “Don’t Cheat Yourself”

On Investing Myself

Ph. Fashion Editorials  There are three ways that I invest in myself to become better than I was yesterday. Money, time & energy.  Investing in time, I can learn new things besides reading to educate myself, attend events & research what I care about. Investing in energy, I take dance classes & I can takeContinue reading “On Investing Myself”

Don’t Waste Your Time

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue  “Don’t cheat yourself by blazing through your life.”  -Lilly Singh These things take time. You have to pace yourself in life to get what you want. It’s not a rush. Although, some things can be an adrenaline rush, but that’s a different story. I know this is a journey for everyoneContinue reading “Don’t Waste Your Time”

High by the Beach

I absolutely love photos of the beach because of its serene, tranquillity & how gorgeous it is. It makes me feel like time has stopped. Everything is calm & there no worries at the beach. Walking in the ocean water is wonderful because it feels like the troubles & problems are being washed away. I’dContinue reading “High by the Beach”