Experience my Situation

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “…I don’t care how insane or hopeless your situation appears to you right now, because it’s not the truth, it’s just what you’re experiencing at the moment.” -Jen Sincero I’ll give you an example of my situation. I feel that I can’t do much because of what’s not on myContinue reading “Experience my Situation”

Rich Emotions

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “The big secret to getting rich isn’t so much about brilliant plans or hard work or good connections or amazing timing as it is about thoughts and emotions.” -Jen Sincero   I truly agree and disagree with this quote. I agree that getting rich is about thoughts & emotions which isContinue reading “Rich Emotions”

To Get Rich…

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “In order to become rich, you must connect to your desire for money and the key to doing this is by getting clear on the specifics around your Why?: Why do you desire this money? What will you spend it on? How will it feel to make it, spend it, &Continue reading “To Get Rich…”

Your Dreams are Valid

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue  “…And I won’t accept anyone telling me something is “unrealistic.””  – Lilly Singh I’ve been told that my own dreams of being a fashion stylist & choreographer are “unrealistic” and that I have should have a “plan B.” I never understood those terms. And I don’t intend to learn what thoseContinue reading “Your Dreams are Valid”