Shaping Identity

It’s important shape who you are because that is how you get to know yourself. The little things may not matter in one’s life, but they really do. For example, I tend to fidget with my clothes or my hair when I’m not talking with my friends or family. Idn why I do it. I’mContinue reading “Shaping Identity”

Write me an emotion

I feel that fashion magazines just add quotes to editorials for nonsense. Sometimes it is just a random quote from a model/actor. If the quote is from an artist, I expect it to thought-provoking and intriguing. The textual meaning of editorials on the surface has a satirical message to prove there’s darkness in comedy. IfContinue reading “Write me an emotion”

What is in a fancy word?

What makes a word so, “fancy”? Just because you add a fancy word to that object, it becomes prominent, better and more important than anything. I know this is nothing new, but the concept of something being fancy comes from creating power and regards itself to imagery. The word, “fancy” is associated with creativity andContinue reading “What is in a fancy word?”